Collaborating for perfection

Cross-sector solutions

Our speciality lies in delivering custom software that delivers. Our cross sector solutions, pulled from our global footprint of highly skilled software engineers, testers, analysts and creative thinkers to create the right solution for you.

Not only are we firefighters and problems solvers, but we’re able to get your business automated and ensure that your systems are as healthy as possible. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, AWS Standard Consulting Partner and a CloudFront Global Content Delivery Network Partner, we are proud cloud-agnostic providers to boot!

Core offerings
Business automation
With 25 years of refinement, our core engine caters to your complex orchestration, workflow and case management needs.
Cloud-agnostic solutions
Our certified professionals use their expertise to empower your business with reliable and secure solutions that enable your business on the cloud.
By adapting solutions to bring you the most noticeable benefits, we are able to shift your environment to the DevOps way of creating and maintaining value.
Diagnostic health assessments
Leveraging our technology specialists’ vast experience in system reviewing, we’ve performed numerous IT diagnostic health assessments for local and international enterprises.
Distressed project solutions
Our exceptionally skilled teams thrive in high-pressure environments and have a proven track-record of being distressed project solution specialists.
Distributed Development (DD)
Our distributed development model allows for IT teams spread across geographies to collaborate on projects and deliver timeous, cost-effective solutions.