Software development

Tapping into experience and passion

The common myths are that custom development takes a long time, is often overbudget, of low quality and that the technology used quickly becomes outdated.

This is not the case when you partner with BBD. 

Our teams are passionate about the craft of software engineering and see themselves as true problem-solvers. Working in a wide range of modern tech stacks, we tap into our vast experience and expertise to create solutions that are streamlined, future-fit, on time, and on budget. 

Accelerating development

In every project, we follow a client-centric approach with dedicated long-running teams who have skills matched to your needs, supported by an ongoing commitment to training and cross-skilling.

Tech-agnostic, our goal is to rapidly develop custom solutions that suit your needs in the best technology for your unique environment. We apply modern approaches and techniques to ensure every project results in exceptional business value.

We have also developed various accelerators and quick-start toolkits that ensure better quality with scalable and future-proof technologies to jumpstart delivery for rapid deployment. 

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The development fundamentals


From pinpointing potential risks to advising on best practices and methodologies, we ensure the end solution comes together seamlessly


From Docker to Helm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, we use containers as appropriate to support Agile and DevOps efforts

Core languages

We work across a wide range of languages including JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, Kotlin, SOAP, JSON, Swagger, Go, C, C#, and C++

Front and back-end

Including desktop, web and mobile development in iOS and Android and cross-platform


We adopt a development practice based on what works best for you - from Agile to Waterfall

Source control

Fundamental in success, we make use of the likes of Git, GitLab, Stash, Visual Basic and TFS

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