Leveraging the data at your fingertips

Data Science Centre of Excellence

Our Data Science COE focuses on enhancing BBD’s data capabilities across data architecture, data engineering, data analytics and Machine Learning (ML) / AI. 

Our team assists clients in engaging a data strategy that utilises best practices to build platforms that use your data to add value to your organisation by identifying opportunities for growth, new products, and improved organisational efficiencies. These platforms often leverage cloud compute capabilities. 

We strive to bring creative thinking into every project, looking at what additional external data sources are available and how they can add value to your organisation. 


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Benefits to your business

  • Achieve key goals
  • Obtain actionable insights
  • Drive critical decisions
  • Create exciting, new and innovative products and services for your customers

Where our skills lie

Drawing on our combined specialist knowledge, we have created a technical approach to the risk and regulatory process. BBD’s Risk Toolkit offers software solutions to simplify and automate regulatory compliance, credit risk and forecasting.

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Our data science teams excel within the Natural Language Processing (NLP), Vision and Speech spaces, offering solutions that align to what organisations need to achieve using the wealth of data available to them.

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Our core competencies include

  • Credit risk and forecasting
  • Automated regulatory compliance
  • Basel calculation engine
  • Document search using our custom accelerators
  • Analytics using ML and AI
  • MLOps

What’s next? We’re ready!