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A toolkit of software solutions to simplify and automate your regulatory compliance, credit risk and forecasting

PredictR is a modular set of industrialised software components to manage and forecast credit risk requirements. The PredictR toolkit enables high speed and accurate regulatory compliance optimising operational performance whilst delivering additional business value.

Including a Basel Calculation Engine, Credit Risk Forecaster, and expert credit and financial risk consultancy provided by our experts, PredictR offers integrated financial management frameworks, standards and processes in modern software solutions, allowing clients to focus on their core business with peace of mind.

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Unpacking BBD’s PredictR

BBD PredictR's Basel Calculation Engine

Toolkit components

Basel Calculation Engine

Complex and intricate, the standardised approaches required by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision pose a profound technical challenge to banking systems, especially for developing economy banks. PredictR applies internal rating-based models in calculating a combined RWA floor within a software platform that mitigates the effects of operational and measurement errors. The calculation engine capitalises on development strategies and progressive business models to equip regulatory teams with the sophisticated capabilities needed for optimal stress testing, risk forecasting, prudent capital management and strategic financial risk planning solutions.

Risk Forecaster

PredictR takes the guesswork out of future performance, allowing decision-makers to make informed and relevant strategic decisions when it comes to optimising risk. Using integrated models and simulation tools, PredictR combines financial and risk data to deliver a ready-to-use Excel add-on for managing and optimising operational performance, ultimately driving higher profitability. The integrated data-driven financial management framework allows for clear objectives and a streamlined peak state, drawing on standards, processes, and a supporting target operating model to deliver performance projections.  

Expert credit and financial risk consultancy 

The PredictR team partners with risk and compliance teams to create solutions that securely empower institutions to meet regulatory and risk requirements. An in-depth understanding of financial technology, coupled with global expertise in the financial compliance landscape, results in digital solutions that drive seamless processes and intelligent systems.

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RegTech for risk forecasting


Regulatory compliance your way


Credit risk predictions at the click of a button


Optimised operational performance 


The ultimate credit risk toolkit


Streamlined regulatory requirements


Automated risk forecasting and regulatory reporting

Why PredictR for your organisation?

High-speed efficiency

  • Significantly reduced data processing time
  • Assured on-time submissions to regulators
  • Seamless system and framework integration

Compliance with added value

  • Basel compliant RWA output
  • Expert risk knowledge and trusted Basel expertise 
  • Predictable data sourcing with standardised frameworks
  • Combines reporting requirement with strategic insights


  • Improved cost and resource usage
  • Affordable licensing
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PredictR user interface


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