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Gain quality, proximity and expertise in every development project 

Gaining success in your software development projects often means balancing cost with expertise. With nearshore software development solutions however, you can have access to highly talented IT professionals, in a similar time zone, who are culturally and language compatible with your existing team – all while benefitting from operational and cost efficiencies.

With our 1200-strong staff complement based across the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, South Africa and India, we have the experts, experience and working models to suit your budget and strategy. 



What is nearshoring in BBD? 

We’ve learnt that to deliver the best value to our clients, we need to make sure that the best possible people, with the right skillsets, are working on that specific project. Sometimes those people are all based in the same country; other times they’re spread across multiple countries with only the lead near the client. For BBD, nearshoring means keeping the client’s needs top of mind, while building a team that suits the cultural, time zone, geographic, compliance and cost considerations. This flexibility in the model we employ for each client is what allows us to focus on giving you the best value.

Traditionally, our clients have utilised Eastern European countries for their nearshoring needs. We have found Portugal to have highly talented software engineers and IT professionals, offering all the benefits organisations are looking for from their nearshore teams. Based off of this we’ve opened a Portugal hub to easily meet what our clients are looking for, supplementing our South African team who we see as a unique offering into nearshore development projects. 


South Africa as the perfect nearshoring option for Europe

What sets BBD apart for European clients is that we have the largest complement of South African-based IT professionals available to integrate into your teams. What sets us apart is in how we see South Africa as the perfect nearshoring option for European organisations. Here’s why.

South Africa’s time zone is very similar to Europe, differing usually no more than 2 hours. The main business language is English and there are a lot of cultural similarities between the regions. South Africa also operates under the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act) which is very similar to GDPR, allowing us to easily meet your regulatory and compliance requirements.


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The benefits of nearshoring solutions 

Whether we put in place a partly of fully nearshore team for your engagement, the benefits to your business are undeniable. 

adaptable and fast

Cost efficiencies

We work with you to find the right balance of skill, experience and price, meaning you never have to sacrifice quality for cost savings. Building teams that transcend our geographic hubs, we can cater to what will work best for your needs.

Digital delivery

Access to skilled talent

Tapping into global talent pools means you get the benefit of rare or scare skills that may not be available locally. Our nearshoring models mean that we’ve already found these professionals, and can build them into your project teams – without a headache for you. 

Integrated & intuitive

Time zone proximity

With the bulk of our teams located in time zones with minimal differences, real-time communication, decision-making and agile project management are not affected. Our teams effectively collaborate during overlapping working hours ensuring faster response times. We then use any hours that don’t overlap to continue delivering value (and support where required) to your business, practicing asynchronous communication.

Consistent experience

Geographic proximity

Depending on what’s important for your operations, we’re able to build teams that are geographically close to either each other or yourself. With a short flight or train trip, we can easily facilitate in-person interactions, workshops, training and collaboration when required.


Cultural and language compatibility

Our nearshore team members share similar cultural and business practices. This alignment to how your business does business enhances teamwork and communication, making collaboration more efficient. 

BBD's engagement models


We offer a co-shore engagement model where we can have software development team members based both locally and internationally, all working collaboratively towards the same project goals. Typically, we provide our clients with a mix of co-shore, nearshore and offshore staff, tailored to their strategic goals and technical needs.


For our European clients, we have our South Africa and Portugal hubs available to operate as either wholly, or partially nearshore options, depending on skill requirements. Although not the usual nearshore option for Europe, South Africa offers vast benefits as discussed above. We’re happy to engage with you on how this could work for your business.


For clients looking for the biggest cost efficiencies, we have a large BBD hub in India available to supplement development teams in a fully remote manner. 

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