Orchestrate and automate your business 

Rapidly facilitating optimised processes for your business

We use specific design patterns and approaches to rapidly meet unique business requirements within existing or greenfield ecosystems. Using Vanguard, our custom accelerator, we can automate, orchestrate, integrate and run case management on existing environments so that your business benefits from speedier development, increased productivity and standardised workflows.

Developed during our in-depth experience across multiple industries through the years, the power of Vanguard is in its interchangeable and customisable building blocks that give the flexibility to develop an overarching system that suits the way your business does business.

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Business orchestration & automation

The power of Vanguard

The benefit to your business

With Vanguard we use technology and our deep business domain experience to empower reliable and consistent digital experiences for your customers and employees. 

The framework comes with a diverse technology stack that is powered using a containerised, microservice-based architecture that is cloud-ready and built on open standards using modern tech approaches.

At Vanguard’s core sits 5 key elements:

adaptable and fast

Adaptable & fast

Vanguard’s production-grade patterns and frameworks allow us to quickly integrate new tech and merge third party APIs and systems to existing core infrastructure – bridging the gap between systems and aligning architectures.

With Vanguard in place, systems are scalable, adjust to changing business needs, and can gear over time. The functionally rich workflow, integration and case management capabilities are all brought together through Vanguard’s microservice-based business process orchestration.

Digital delivery

Digital delivery

To help you meet your challenges in improving turnover, revenue and cashflow, Vanguard can help drive cost savings and efficiencies by removing friction, automating business processes and reducing duplication and operational and service costs.

Using Vanguard and the data your business has available, we are able to help businesses uncover valuable customer insights and deliver end-to-end personalised service.

Integrated & intuitive

Integrated & intuitive

Vanguard allows a single view front-end that processes data across multiple omni-channel organisational silos and existing systems. Combined with our customisable user interface, we provide a reliable and intuitive experience for both your employees and customers.

Consistent experience

Consistent experience

We help achieve a personable service delivery experience through Vanguard’s holistic workload view that better allows customer servicing and product cross-selling. This works together to help your business gain market share through improved and superior service experiences.



We enable your business through technology. With Vanguard’s complete customisation capability, we design a digital solution that combines a human focussed approach with modern processes to drive orchestration.

Vanguard works

For a new digital bank

  • Built an end-to-end servicing platform in 3 months
  • Enables onboarding in under 5 minutes

For a revenue service

  • Enables 8 500 users across 98 offices
  • Enables client to open pop-up offices in public spaces like shopping centres 

For a large service business

  • Allows the handling of over 300 000 workflow step transactions per day
  • Creates over 145 000 cases on average per day
  • Handles tens of thousands of attachments a day

For a border control agency

  • Allows for scaling as workloads increase and decrease
  • Facilitates a full travel permit application-to-delivery process that increased turnaround from months to days
  • Allows multiple government agencies to collaborate on one platform
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