Health Checks

Painting the picture of your current technical enviornment

Our various Health Checks establish the current state of your environment, processes, applications, systems and cloud landscape.  

Finding the best way forward

As a first step towards digital transformation, BBD’s Health Checks arm us as your solutions partner with the required understanding of where your systems and architecture are currently, allowing us to effectively advise on the best possible way forward. 

After each diagnostic assessment, we report back on suggested remediations and potential risks, guiding your journey forward with specialist technical consulting on how best to harness the power of digital solutions for your unique business. 

Health Check
Health Check Service

BBD’s Health Checks 

Our various Health Checks are performed by our technical experts and grow from cloud-specific reviews all the way to those looking at the applications and processing making up a solution coupled with a view into department structures, teams, contractors and engineering practices at play. 


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