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Why choose BBD’s Bursary Programme

BBD’s Bursary Programme strives to support and grow talented students working towards their degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, BSc, BCom informatics and game design.

The Programme is designed around creating opportunities for you to have access to the financial means necessary to compete your studies alongside hands-on exposure to real-world software development, and full access to our Research and Development team (ATC).

Our ultimate goal is to help you meet inspiring, likeminded individuals, build your network, share knowledge and ease your transition from student to working professional.

At the end of your studies, BBD Bursars have the opportunity to join our exciting Grad Programme where you’ll dive into your career, working on real project teams and quickly upskill within BBD’s unique company culture.

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Programme breakdown

Beyond providing essential financial support, BBD’s Bursary Programme is a holistic approach to nurturing talent and facilitating a smooth transition from your studies into a career in software engineering in BBD’s dynamic working environment. This is done through:

Vac Week
Mentorship & support
bbd bursary programme
  • Enjoy being a part of BBD’s unique company culture and meet fellow bursars

  • Two week-long workshops (at the start of the year and during mid-year vac)

  • Work in groups on interesting projects using the latest and greatest tech

bursary collaboration
  • Stepping-stone into a career in software development with BBD
  • Practical hands-on experience throughout the Programme
  • Opportunity to join BBD’s Grad Programme at the end of studies
latest technology
  • Exposure to a large array of cutting-edge technologies and tools such as AI, machine learning, cloud and modern web and app development
  • Facetime with dedicated mentors to help guide your career journey
  • Support throughout your studies from our ATC
  • Join a bursary class full of like-minded passionate, talented individuals

Why you want to work with us

  • Offices around the world
  • Gamified Continuous Learning Programme
  • Own annual tech event – Esc@pe
  • Onsite tech lab
  • Endless opportunities to grow
  • Over 1 200+ super clever tech experts
  • Easy access to mentoring
  • Exposure to a myriad of technologies
  • Proudly empower talented female coders
  • We attend and sponsor major conferences
  • Founded programme with Umuzi
  • Founding partner of WeThinkCode_
  • Involved in tech community
  • AWS Advanced Services Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Cultural exchanges between offices
  • Epic internal events and parties
  • Vibrant company culture

Perks of being a BBD bursar

Vac Week

Hands-on experience

Battle Dex

Tech talks

Pizza and beer afternoons

BBD swag

Join BBD’s Grad Programme

Facetime with ATC team

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