Fethr, previously Black Swan, provides onboard shopping and connectivity solutions to commercial aviation. Their technology gives passengers access to goods, entertainment and high-speed internet connectivity while airborne. Fethr’s solutions are used by some of the largest global airlines, enabling new profit centres and differentiation between, and within, airlines and their groups.

BBD was engaged to increase the back-end Java capabilities and flesh out a proof of concept to meet commercial requirements while integrating into internet connectivity provider services and providing technical support and leadership. We later joined the front-end team for the development and delivery of an in-flight internet purchasing and management portal. We worked with Fethr to provide technical leadership, development and support.

Solution category
Software development, Consulting services, Resource augmentation
Java, Spring Boot, JavaScript, AWS, Kubernetes, Angular, Node.js, RABBIT MQ
Key value add
We rose to the challenges of constrained timelines, distributed physical deployment and high expectations to create top quality solutions that are now used by thousands of passengers every day