Home of Fragrances

Home of Fragrances is an independent UK-based fragrances and candle retailer that stocks reputable brands including Yankee Candle and WoodWick. We provide digital marketing strategy, support, management and creation services for their online store platforms and social media accounts.

At the start of the engagement, we assisted with the design and implementation of their brand identity as well as the optimisation of their website for search, while ensuring integration across all their platforms.

On an ongoing basis, we ideate, design, create and roll out social media campaigns, Google Ads and brand collateral, and meet media monitoring, management, website maintenance and reporting needs. Our expertise in digital marketing and associated advertising opportunities has enabled the client to see a noticeable increase in sales and a streamlining of their overall online presence – showing an increase in brand awareness within their target audience and site usability.

Home of Fragrances
Solution category
Consulting services, Digital marketing, Brand management
Adobe CC, Facebook Ads, AdWords, Shopify, Smart SEO
Key value add
We have designed and implemented a cohesive and appealing brand identity and various digital marketing campaigns, both paid and organic in nature, which have seen an increase in sales and brand recognition for the Home of Fragrances business.