MiBlackBox® is a personal safety app and USSD service designed for families to easily track each other’s whereabouts. Features include tracking history that is made available for 48 hours and in emergency situations, MiBlackBox® allows you to record an audio message that is automatically sent to your listed contacts along with your location, enabling an immediate response time.

Always-on availability and maximum privacy and security are crucial for the MiBlackBox® service. To realise this, the MiBlackBox® team turned to BBD’s specialists to design fit-for-purpose cloud architecture.

We integrated their development process into a continuous integration (CI) pipeline, ultimately simplifying deployment to the cloud. MiBlackBox® also utilised our Managed Cloud Services offering to manage their AWS infrastructure.

Solution category
Software development
AWS, Managed services, CI/CD pipelines
Key value add
We designed, configured and managed an AWS-hosted environment for a mobile app and USSD service that balances cost, availability, and security which allows MiBlackBox® engineers to focus on the delivery of their core product