Skybird Technologies

Skybird Technologies focusses on providing world class proximity and location aware solutions to brands, retailers and loyalty programmes. Their solutions offer insights and understanding into their clients’ environments, shoppers and tenants through a combination of hardware, infrastructure and software that measures and adapts shopper behaviour to ultimately enhance shopper experience.

BBD has been Skybird’s technology and cloud enablement partner since 2019. We have been heavily involved in moving Skybird’s operation into the cloud to ensure high availability and the ability to scale within a customised environment. Making use of services such as AWS CloudWatch provides Skybird with enhanced monitoring of their application environment, while integration between this service and their Slack channel allows for alerts to be sent – giving real-time visibility into any potential performance bottlenecks. The move to cloud has also allowed us to create a design which caters for end-to-end resilience of their application and database using multiple availability zones and highly available AWS services. Careful consideration for AWS security best practices were taken alongside the use of recommended AWS security services. BBD manages the monitoring of resource usage and the AWS billing for Skybird. 

Skybird Technologies
Solution category
Certificate Manager, Elastic Load Balancer, Route 53, CloudFront, EC2 Auto Scaling, Elastic File System, AWS RDS Postgress, S3, Simple Email Service, Simple Notification Service, Slack Messaging, AWS Backup Service, CloudHealth, CloudWatch
Key value add
Our work has been critical in enhancing Skybird’s network security, resilience and ability to scale using AWS based cloud technologies, while accounting for a highly customised environment and integration into necessary third party platforms.