PSG Wealth

PSG is a leading independent financial services group, operating in South African and Namibia. Since 1998, they have offered a range of financial services, from asset and wealth management to insurance.

We were initially brought in to work with PSG on the development of the Effective Annual Cost (EAC) compliance project. We went on to perform a systems health check of PSG’s full systems portfolio, and to supplement the internal development team to help develop a single sign-on platform for their systems portfolio. We also helped to develop a new investment illustrator application.

PSG Wealth
Financial services
Solution category
Software development, Systems health-check
C#, Angular, SQL server, ASP.NET, .Net Core, Team Foundation Services
Key value add
Ours was the first successful implementation of an EAC compliance solution in the investment management industry in South Africa – and was achieved within a development window of just 3 months