Deloitte Consulting Netherlands

Deloitte Netherlands is a leading consultancy providing strategy and implementation from a business and technology view, to help their clients become market leaders. Their industry-leading consulting, IT and technology specialists guide organizations through innovation, transformation and end-to-end redesign to give rise to new capabilities and empower businesses.

We work side-by-side with the Deloitte technology and innovation team on key projects for financial services firms in the Netherlands. We are working on early-stage proof of concepts and client solutions to create impact and value. The projects are shorter in term but high on business delivery.

Deloitte Consulting Netherlands
Financial services
Solution category
Software development, Cloud, Resource augmentation, Innovation
Spring Boot, JavaScript, AWS, Angular
Key value add
Our deep technical expertise and wide breadth of skills allow us to create depth and agility for Deloitte within their innovation and technology teams – providing them with additional ability to deliver the success their clients have come to expect.