Afreximbank is a pan-African multilateral trade finance institution headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. The bank was looking for a mobile application that could provide controlled staff and visitor access to their offices in North Africa to help ensure safety with regards to COVID-19. In addition to providing functionality for visitors and staff to apply and be granted access to their offices, the app needed to provide timely statistics and communication to staff and guests.

BBD developed a progressive web application (PWA) in Typescript using the React framework. The supporting back-end services are completely serverless and run on AWS Lambda, with the data store being MongoDB Atlas. A map-based viewing capability was also developed to show various branches and supporting services, as well as an overview of global COVID-19 statistics. Open-source technologies and cloud-native services were front and centre in this solution and the application was developed to be fully responsive across all screen and mobile device sizes.

Financial services
Solution category
Cloud, Mobile app development
React PWA, Python on AWS Lambda, MongoDB
Key value add
By leveraging a PWA solution that does not require traditional mobile development technologies, BBD enabled the speedy and innovative delivery of an application that can be used across multiple mobile platforms and as a standalone website.