Bayport International

Bayport International is a South Africa founded financial services company that operates in 7 African countries and 2 in Latin America. Their mission is to provide financial solutions for an inclusive and broad customer base, by embracing technology, product leadership and innovation.

We have worked closely with the Bayport team to help them transition to the latest generation of technology in some of their core business systems. We assisted them in the design and implementation and integration of a modern architecture that utilises Java containerised microservices and orchestration; and have worked together to co-develop a number of different systems to support international expansion. Additionally we maintain and support their older systems as required, ensuring they stay effective and performant.

Bayport International
Financial services
Solution category
Software development, Consulting services, Maintenance and support
Java, Spring Boot, OpenShift, Microservices
Key value add
Our work with Bayport has ensured their systems use modern architectures and are future-fit for a growing business. Working to short timeframes, we have created solutions that set the business up for rapid international expansion