National Treasury

The National Treasury is responsible for co-ordinating macro-economic policy and promoting the national fiscal policy framework in South Africa.  They co-ordinate intergovernmental financial relations, manage the budget preparation process and exercise control over the implementation of the annual national budget, including any adjustment budgets. The National Treasury also offers housing access support services to government employees through the Government Employee Housing Scheme (GEHS) as well as manages government’s tax and loan, expenditures and cashflow forecasting.

We were appointed in 2007 to partner with the National Treasury to implement an integrated asset and liability manager (ALM) system for managing government cash, and domestic and foreign public debt.

National Treasury
Public sector
Solution category
Software development, Maintenance and support
Microsoft.NET, SQL
Key value add
We implemented a fully-fledged integrated ALM system with the core modules supporting foreign, domestic, retail and money market debt. The system was also leveraged to manage the GEHS.