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BBD helps Vodacom go RED

BBD helps Vodacom go RED

Vodacom changed its colour to red recently. It was literally painted across South Africa and is regarded as South Africa’s biggest ever brand make-over.

The new branding saw Vodacom replacing its familiar blue and green colours with Vodafone’s red colouring, to essentially clone Vodafone’s global branding but keeping the Vodacom name.

The rebrand was more than marketing hype. The ability to implement the rebrand became mission critical to the company when Vodacom became the only Vodafone owned operator to be allowed to keep its name when rebranding to Vodafone. The problem in doing that was how to pull it off in two months!

Enter BBD and the competent and capable members of the VSP team. Under NDA and “top secret” authority the team set about a complete content change for Vodacom Business Self Help Portal, website, VodaManage and DealerWeb systems.

Successful delivery meant personal sacrifices in terms of huge overtime spent, to the point where team members had to forfeit attending the BBD VSP teambuilding as well as weekend time with both family and friends.

But doing what it takes is what is done at BBD.

The team not only turned the rebrand around in just two months but did so in the budget. The switch from blue to red was seamless with systems up and running within 15 minutes of go-live, switched over and bug-free!

The team very much deserved the personal thank-you they received from the client for BBD’s contribution to a successful project.

What’s next? We’re ready!