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The BBD Mag – May 2024

The BBD Mag – May 2024

Dive into the world of BBD as we share our insights, experiences, cultural trips, teambuilding, and all the fun BBDers have been getting up to!

In our latest edition of The BBD Mag, explore a diverse range of topics, from technology and digital transformation to personal experiences and strategic insights. In the tech industry, new concepts often come with various labels. Digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation are prime examples. Are they the same idea? Understanding the nuances of each can significantly impact an organisation’s approach to a digital-centric future. Find out more on page 33.

Oftentimes, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) shy away from cloud adoption under the misconception that the cloud is meant for their big corporate counterparts. But the reality is the cloud can be beneficial for companies of any size – if implemented correctly. In “Rightsizing the cloud” on page 41, learn how SMEs can leverage cloud technology to enhance their operations and competitiveness.

Discover the experiences of four BBDers who travelled across the pond to live and work in the UK and Porto. Join in on their adventures, cultural adjustments and the professional growth they experienced while working abroad on page 85.

Catch up with BBD NL’s Lourens Kotzé who recently sat down with OfferZen Netherlands and Felix Anthonj to chat about what it takes to scale your team by leveraging talented engineers from emerging markets. Read about it on page 45.

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