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Telecom solutions

We provide telecom software solutions in a fast-growing and ever-evolving global sector, enabling access to vital services. We combine the deep knowledge gained over 25 years with our ever-developing experience in IT, business and people to deliver complex, innovative projects that make businesses more competitive.

Within this global sector, we have delivered custom application development projects for CRM, B2B and C2B, e-commerce, self-servicing, billing, mobile money, network management and mobile applications. Our expertise is crucial in the day-to-day operations of the delivered systems. We provide DevOps, application support and maintenance across systems in this sector.

Technology evolution is a key factor in service offering. Our robust cloud-enabled architecture and ground-breaking solutions, coupled with innovative automated testing, allow us to provide our clients with world-class service.

Problems we’ve solved
Historically, most solutions we provided were based on J2EE and native mobile application based technologies. Advances in technologies have seen our solutions evolve into cloud-based technologies with Xamarin cross-platform development for mobile applications.

We continue to establish private servers for cloud-based applications. Implementation of toolchain through various applications have facilitated our implementation of CI/CD practices within cloud-based technologies. Not to mention our LOB, trouble ticket, dealer web and service provider systems

Who we've worked with
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Tech used
  • ASP.NET C#
  • Bootstrap
  • Cache Manager (Redis)
  • CSS
  • Dapper.NET NHibernate (ORM)
  • FluentValidation
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • Message Broker RabbitMQ
  • MS SQL Server
  • DB2
  • MVC
  • Ninject
  • Razor
  • WebApi / SPA