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A look into BBD’s cloud migration capabilities

A look into BBD’s cloud migration capabilities

Cloud migration has clear advantages, it’s becoming less a question of whether we should make a move but rather when and how to make it

As the world becomes increasingly digital, organisations need to invest in cloud technologies to keep abreast of competitors, achieve business goals, and add more value to their customers. Using the cloud has clear advantages, including reduced IT costs, increased flexibility and efficiency, improved security, and the potential for greater innovation. For businesses, it’s becoming less a question of whether we should make a move but rather when and how to make it.

Using a Well-Architected Framework-first approach that ensures best practice, BBD assists clients with deploying and migrating new or existing workloads into the cloud. Leveraging the extensive experience of helping clients move to the cloud, and expertise in migrating and modernising workloads on AWS, we build environments that strike the perfect balance between managing budget, meeting technical requirements and keeping security a top priority.

To further accelerate our clients’ journey to the cloud, we have created various Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates designed around the AWS Well-Architected Framework. These modularised templates ensure that we use only project-relevant components . These templates accelerate deployments and, having gone through an AWS Well-Architected Review, offer peace of mind that your deployment meets all of AWS’ best practices.

BBD approaches migrations in three distinct phases:

1. Assess

The Assess phase is about understanding where you are today, technically and from a business perspective. Taking both of these into account when planning your migration enables us to maximise the benefits your business reaps from the cloud. Through this process, we assist clients in building a solid migration plan based on the 6 application migration strategies. We concurrently work with our clients to ensure they are operationally ready to adopt the cloud and, if not, help implement the required processes to set them up for long -term success. 

2. Mobilise

During the Mobilise phase, we lay the foundations for the migration, creating key elements such as your Landing Zone to ensure that when applications are migrated, they go into a secure environment.

Check out our Element22 case study, where we leveraged various AWS services to ensure sensitive data on their ESG platform is fully protected.

3. Migrate

The Migrate phase is all about getting your workloads to AWS while following an approach that limits the risk to your organisation and, more importantly, has zero impact to your users. During this phase, and in some cases before, we recommend looking at all modernisation opportunities to fully leverage the power of the cloud. Have a look at this case study on our project with Rewardsco, and how they saved time and money after modernising their environment.   

For more information on our approach to migrations, have a look at our Cloud Migration guidebook.

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