Driving financial services innovation through business orchestration, integration and automation for a new digital bank

BBD has contributed to the launch and success of a leading digital bank by utilising BBD’s accelerators and providing rapid and sustainable innovation.



  • Automate client onboarding
  • Automate lead management and outbound sales
  • Enable context driven client servicing
  • Integrate client call centre telephony stack
  • Enable contact centre servicing and traditional back office operations and management e.g. Fraud and Collections via pre-defined workflow processes
  • Integrate and orchestrate information from disparate internal and external systems to provide a unified view into organisational data
  • Provide BI reporting based on operational and client behaviour
  • Secure user access and authorisation
  • Implement non-repudiated process gates



  • Integrated onboarding process that enables context sensitive support and optimal conversion
  • Integrated client servicing and first-time issue resolution
  • Increased productivity through key automated processes and work distribution
  • Improved customer servicing and turnaround times through single view interactions
  • Integrated outbound sales campaigns and processes
  • Secure role-based user access and authorisation
  • Implemented non-repudiation for users

Overview of the solution


BBD, in partnership with the client, has contributed to the successful launch of a high-profile digital bank, ensuring a superior customer experience as well as operational and cost efficiencies for the bank.

BBD’s automation engine and associated Quick Start processes together with a team of highly skilled software engineers, were utilised to rapidly implement a contact centre servicing and sales capability. This included telephony integration, workflow and case management and the orchestration and integration to core banking, risk and fraud systems as well as cross-group enterprise systems.

This digital enablement project focused on the automation of key processes to boost productivity and cost efficiencies, allowing the client’s staff to focus on value-adding activities and exception handling.



The use of BBD’s servicing and orchestration frameworks allowed the project to gain rapid traction and catered for the incremental creation of the solution within a highly Agile digital banking environment.

  • To accelerate the automation of the banks new processes, BBD made use of Quick Start processes which are a set of common process mplementations that can be rapidly modified to the specifics of the new customer use-cases
  • The framework’s message-orientated middleware was used as an orchestration engine, enabling communication between the various systems within the bank including the Core Banking, Credit Vetting, Fraud and Risk Detection, Anti-Money-Laundering, Contact Centre Telephony and Payments systems
  • Case management and workflow frameworks were customised to specific requirements which allowed for full business management alignment without compromising existing business processes

The key capabilities and processes that were implemented include:

  • Integration into client onboarding processes
    • Client identity verification
    • Client servicing
    • Account setup maintenance
  • Seamless call centre integration with various channels and back office exception management
    • Pre-sales engagement
    • Telephony voice / email integration
    • Call transfer with call context
    • In-app call integration
    • Card and account maintenance
    • Client profile management
    • Collections case management
    • Fraud case management
    • Realtime credit servicing
    • User authentication and authorisation
    • User Roles management

BBD was able to adjust to project demands by applying our distributed development model, allowing the delivery team to continuously scale as the client required.

Impact of BBD’s partnership


BBD’s partnership with this digital retail bank has led to excellent quality of service, consistent first-time resolution of customer issues, and significant development cost saving. It has also helped radically increase the rate of client onboarding and administration by improving the onboarding process to a near real-time.

BBD was able to provide monitoring and analysis of system and client behaviour via data mining, BI reporting and Contact Centre query classification, volumes and wait times. This, together with BBD’s ability to quickly effect change, has allowed the bank to be more responsive to problems and client behaviours – resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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