Your product, designed for people 

Crafting memorable human-centric user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI)

We create memorable human-centric experiences leveraging extensive user research paired with vast industry knowledge, proven design principles and intended customer experiences in line with overall brand and key objectives.

Using best practices of CX, UX and UI to offer additional value to your business, we craft and develop meaningful design that works. Taking applications from initial idea to final launch, we ensure the best digital experience for your customers.

Working closely with you, we become fully entrenched in your environment, brand, end-users and their unique needs to mold powerful solutions.

We leverage strong collaboration between all technical stakeholders, including our highly-skilled development, testing and UX/UI teams to ensure each application is seamless and functional, as well as aesthetically appealing and usable. In this way, BBD offers the creative capability to see your application to end user engagement – reducing time to market, cutting out extra steps and lowering costs throughout the development lifecycle.

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BBD's UX/UI creative competency

What we do

Gather and visualise requirements

Collaboration on the UX journey starts by working with you to identify and understand objectives, gathering requirements as we go.

Discovery and ideation

Once requirements are clearly set out based on your business needs, we conceptualise our findings, translating them into solutions that form the foundational concept on which to base the journey through the product.

User research 

To ensure the best experience for users, we conduct extensive research and interviews to build a solid foundation from which to work. This includes creating user personas, identifying habits, dislikes, values and behaviours.


We begin to lay out designs with the platform and process in mind (mobile, web or responsive to both) and how these fit into the bigger picture of your business goals, building out projected costs for development.

UI design

In this phase, we create the design systems by placing buttons, defining colours and other interactive objects that shape the overall emotive look and feel of the page.

Building a prototype

With design systems and journeys defined, we use high fidelity screens to put together interactive demos.

User testing 

Here, defined business requirements are used to develop a set of testing goals which are then assessed through various methods including ease of use, overall experience and perceptions, and A/B testing.

Quality assurance 

After development cycles have concluded, a final quality check is conducted by designers, engineers, testers and quality assurance to refine, test and finalise implementation of the UI elements into the end product before moving it into production.

The benefits for your business

An end-to-end creative competency 

  • A single partner to see your project from start to finish
  • Highly collaborative across our team and yours
  • Early alignment with technical engineering ensures project viability
  • Systems are both functional and aesthetic

Cost and time efficiency

  • Reducing third party involvement to enable ultimate cost savings
  • Lifecycle through development to launch is streamlined
  • Reduced time to development and go-live

Bringing your vision to life 

  • Throughout the process, the strategic objectives and end users are our True North
  • We work to fully align ourselves with your brand vision and needs

Quality assured 

  • All designs are based on the foundations of solid research
  • Multiple quality checks are conducted by users and development teams alike
  • Multiple feedback sessions are offered to ensure a refined and quality system
  • Crafted around human-centric design principles to ensure product delights and drives high end user engagement
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