King Price

King Price is a privately held insurance company based in South Africa, offering short term insurance. It is best known for its monthly decreasing car insurance premium model.

We used our insurance domain expertise to help King Price with the development of a short-term insurance system. Using the findings of an initial health check the team conducted on their existing systems and technical environment, we developed the technical architecture and design based on both software and insurance technical best practice which would provide maximum system longevity. We developed and deployed the new system, Obelix, using the Agile methodology. Obelix includes modules essential to achieving seamless processing over the lifecycle of a policy. The quote and sales modules include scripting, user checkpoints for compliance and a detailed history. The system is integrated to rating and reference sources and underwriting rules are automated where relevant. We also went on to successfully migrate legacy data into Obelix.

King Price
Solution category
Software development, Consulting services, Operational support
C#, HTML5, Durandle, nServiceBus, nHibernate
Key value add
After conducting a health check, we designed and developed a lean cost-per-policy short-term insurance system using insurance best practices that has automated rule underwriting where relevant and smooth integration into existing systems. The developed system replaced the existing King Price administration system with a quality, scalable core system