Leading the race

Our success stories

We’ve been around for a while now and have had many innovative project successes along the way. Here are a few of our case studies and brochures to give you an idea of some of the mind-blowing work we’ve done.


We’ve been working with South Africa’s largest banks and leading-edge start-ups for over 30 years and pride ourselves on delivering and supporting world-class technology solutions without local banks having to purchase costly international solutions.


We believe in the monumental impact education can have in someone’s life. We’ve used our software knowledge and passion for education to develop striking solutions that help those teach the nation.

Watch this space for more info on our work in the education sector


We have been implementing new-age fintech solutions for investment management and financial services groups for over 20 years to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.


We’ve been working as a technology partner with leading risk and investment product insurers for over 30 years and strive to produce innovative solutions that empower better service for customers around the world.

Public sector

For more than decade, we’ve been partnering with the South African government to provide technology solutions that enable the move towards a more inclusive society. We’re proud to help ensure that government can leverage the opportunities offered revolutionary technology.


Facing a rapidly transforming business model, we assist the telecoms sector with the swift pace of technological change, enabling our clients to move away from traditional thinking towards more innovative solutions.

Our revolutionary cross-sector solutions

No matter in which sector your company falls, we’re able to adapt our key technological offerings and systems to optimise your business for this digital age. Our lengthy experience in multiple industries gives us a mature approach to problem-solving and sophisticated solutioning.