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Understanding disruption in the financial services sector

Understanding disruption in the financial services sector

For the last decade, the financial services sector has gone through major disruption, continuing at an even faster pace today and impacting all areas of the landscape

Banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance institutions rely on technology for differentiation and optimisation. Incumbent organisations are trying to protect their existing businesses from disruption in financial services and offerings, while innovative start-ups are trying to eat their lunch, achieve scale and become profitable.

Intuitively designed, suitable solutions for the financial services industry

“Digital transformation projects have been in progress for many years,” explains Matthew Barnard, Group Executive at BBD; “There is a move to opening banking services and providing platforms and ecosystems, and now open financing.” Within the face of this type of rapid change and innovation, financial services clients need to partner with technology companies who can deliver both cutting-edge innovation, while offering a deep understanding of the highly nuanced and regulated financial sector.

Having worked with financial service providers for over 30 years we understand that seamlessly meeting compliance and regulatory requirements is essential. BBD helps financial institutions navigate technological complexity and capitalise on the full potential of technology, processes and operating models. Our over 1 000 software engineers, architects, engineers, technology leads, designers and analysts working with client teams to create impactful solutions that deliver.

We like to partner with clients on really challenging business problems, systems that seem impossible to replace, and the solutions that need to be implemented yesterday. BBD operates seamlessly across the industry, navigating the nuances between incumbents and scale-ups, cutting-edge technology and legacy, business needs and optimisation – bringing an innovative and pragmatic approach to dealing with disruption.

BBD’s capabilities to meet business requirements

Migrating to the cloud

“One current theme is that these organisations are either moving to or have moved to the cloud” adds Barnard. BBD is proudly a Microsoft Gold Azure certified and Advanced AWS Services Partner with various technical validation program designations meaning their team of experts can help clients migrate to the AWS, Azure or hybrid cloud: Thus our knowledge and experience on cloud technologies (see here) allows us to support them on their digital cloud journey.

Data science

Along with identifying a clear data strategy, our data science unit helps client teams embrace data analytics to glean all possible value from organisational data.

Extensive domain experience

Over the years, BBD has delivered countless solutions into this industry and related ones, earning a deep understanding into the complexity of financial services solutions. Some of these fields include payments, loyalty and reward programmes, risk management and security.


BBD specialises in integrating complex back-end product systems as well as new and existing platforms into unique environments using Vanguard, a business orchestration and automation accelerator.

Innovative solution accelerators

“We have invested in several accelerators and patents that help us with these challenges” explains Barnard. Our solution accelerators, which are geared to enable clients to rapidly meet industry demands through speedier solution development, include:

  • For orchestration and integration: Vanguard
  • For risk and financial forecasting: PredictR
  • For calculating risk: Risk Black Box
  • For streamlined business processes: DevOps

“Our combination of both business and technical knowledge, state of the art accelerators, and decades worth of experience, allows us to develop solutions quickly and to a high quality standard” says Barnard; “Combine this with a whatever-it-takes culture, you have an excellent team”.

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