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Staying connected to transformation in telecoms

Staying connected to transformation in telecoms

Telecoms is one of the most vital sectors in today’s interconnected society and its transformation is imperative

Besides telephony for individuals, the telecoms sector supports small businesses, connects people across borders, and provides internet access to millions without fixed line or fibre availability. However, telcos must embrace transformation to deal with fierce competition, a quickly evolving customer base, and changing legislation.

Keeping pace with an evolving landscape

The introduction and use of eCommerce and self-service platforms has resulted in consumers placing greater demands on their telecommunication providers, causing the providers to re-evaluate their strategy and infrastructure, and make the move to platform and fintech services. “In these competitive conditions, it is essential for telcos to respond quickly to competition, market demand, and new opportunities not traditionally in their realm” says Andries Janse van Rensburg, executive at BBD who has been responsible for delivering strategic business development projects for the telecoms industry.

Over the past couple of years, telecoms providers have not only seen increased competition, but have received massive pressure to reduce data costs, explains Janse van Rensburg. Adding to this, Esti Cronje, a BBD executive dealing with a large pan-African telecommunications client, says “As we consolidate within a hybrid working world, we are consistently seeing an ever-increasing need for stable networks and a shift towards a focus on data, stability, connectivity, LTE and fibre of course”.

Being adaptive and nimble is key to success in a space where competition is high and consumer needs evolve rapidly. As a software provider with deep experience spanning almost three decades within the telecoms industry for more than 38 years, we have been assisting our clients meet these changing needs within the market by catering for simplified and seamless end-to-end sales journeys. “BBD is both agile and distributed in nature, we not only have access to global skills and insights which we can bring into our standard practices” says Cronje. 

BBD’s telecoms transformation track record

Using digital channels, we have created applications that put sales, marketing, and self-service in the hands of subscribers, increasing digital sales and reducing cost, and assisting our customers to do more with less. “To date,” tells Janse van Rensburg “BBD has assisted clients by creating scalable, cloud-based architectures supported by Agile software delivery methodologies and DevOps practices. This helps to ensure quality delivery at a significantly reduced time to market”. Some other notable custom solutions include:

  • Billing system development
  • Dealer web system development
  • Line of business (LOB) system development
  • Network management system development
  • Online web and mobile platform development for e-commerce and self-service
  • Service provider portal development
  • Trouble ticket and service level agreement (SLA) management

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