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Talk like a startup, walk like a boss

Talk like a startup, walk like a boss

Speaking to a typical day in the life at BBD, we look at how being part of our team is like working in a freshly-hatched tech startup

There’s something exciting about working for a startup. Perhaps it’s the culture of innovation, the spirit of true collaboration, the thrill of an agile and fast-paced way of working, or simply the fun, spontaneous perks and parties that come part and parcel.

As these points become central to discussions around company culture, it’s important to note that this environment isn’t only found in small companies who are still new to the market. There are those that have been in the game and have gained their stripes yet continue to capture and embody all the things that make the startup space so vibrant and rewarding for employees to work in.

More than your typical workday

Speaking to a typical day in the life at BBD, Shayne Proctor, talent specialist at BBD says “Being part of our team is like working in a freshly-hatched tech startup. BBD is a fast-paced and innovative place to work, where collaboration is key and where we’re surrounded by colleagues who are passionate about seeing our clients’ expectations come to life through our work”.  

This passion is complemented perfectly by an agile environment and flat hierarchy where each and every team member’s contribution and performance matters and can materially change the outcomes for the team and the business. “At BBD, we allow creativity and passion within solid engineering principles, meaning there is more room for creative and entrepreneurial spirits to express themselves and to create and build new and exciting things.” The teams and units are filled with eager, forward-thinking people who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure all their tasks are completed to perfection. Since teams are varied in shape and size and built around practices and methodologies that work best for them in that space specifically, BBDers are continuously exposed to new technologies and different ways of working. This team-based autonomy creates an environment where people can flourish.  

On any given day, you might catch BBD Grads presenting projects, ATC (BBD’s own research and development team) tinkering around with new tech, or teams immersed in project brainstorms. And when not on the daily grind, BBD teams enjoy big mid- and year-end blow outs, impromptu team lunches, tech events and talks, exciting teambuilding getaways, and have access to a wealth of learning opportunities to ensure that their career progression never stagnates while at the company.

What it takes to be a BBDer

Being a BBDer means being part of a dynamic and talented team of people who love what they do and are driven to succeed, motivated by creating solutions that make people’s lives better and easier. This entails being a self-starter and having a whatever-it-takes attitude and approach. You will easily find some of the most talented people in their respective field, and they’re here because at BBD they’re given the opportunity to constantly expand their knowledge and skills, to stay at the forefront of what’s hot and happening in different industries and in tech, and ultimately because they’re driven to create something of value.

It’s their mission, not just their job.

Speaking to BBD’s recruitment process, Proctor adds: “Since long-term success can greatly depend on the hard work of each employee brought into an already well-oiled team, we really look for candidates who show evidence of exceptional ability and who are focussed on solution-based outcomes. We look for any significant accomplishments where they were part of the success of the projects and teams they worked with”.

Aside from these achievements but of equal importance, BBD looks to hire candidates that are a good cultural fit for the business. This means embracing a collaborative environment where everyone works hard to deliver as a team, while being willing to learn and grow. And of course, the keen sense to know when it’s time to put down tools and unwind at a typical BBD bash.   

While constantly moving forward, BBD still takes the time to pay homage to their roots, after all; BBD’s story starts with three friends in a garage. And, while they are proud to embody the best parts of startup culture, one thing’s for sure, “We’ve been around for 37 years, and aren’t planning on going anywhere soon” explains Proctor.

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