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Java development framework project

Java development framework project

Congratulations to Amen, David, Kenneth, Lindani, Lodewyk, Thendo and Tobias, the BBD team who have been nominated for a Nedbank Ongoing Award for their highly successful Centre of Excellence (CoE) framework development project.

A need for Java capability was identified by the Nedbank Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Interactions team as various instances of Java existed across the landscape, but with no baseline standards.

Due to this wide and inconsistent range of Java versions and development patterns, maintaining a code base was proving to be a huge challenge for Nedbank. BBD was asked to partner with Nedbank to investigate options within the open source community, to design a Java Development framework and expedite the development of applications by reusing functionality.

In January 2017, the Nedbank Java CoE was established. The framework was based on the core functionalities that every service would require, ensuring consistent delivery across different projects by using the same standards and patterns, which leads to a predictable outcome. Thank you to the team at BBD for assisting Nedbank with the Java CoE and delivering a world class framework which will make our Java application development quicker, painless and with predictable success. You have made Interactions proud.

By October 2017, the team delivered the first standardised version. The capabilities include:
• A standardised version of Java
• An initial project type with a source code repository
• Code generators including naming conventions
• A build and deploy pipeline
• A host of utilities and components that developers can use

These components are either default or optional and include those for security, auditing, logging, exception handling, and cashing and configuration management.

An array of reference examples showing how to use the components were also provided to the developer community. These examples comprise Nedbank’s internal repository and show how to solve specific problems, reducing effort and leading to better quality applications and faster deployment.

What’s next? We’re ready!