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Playing your cards right: going digital in the gaming sector

Playing your cards right: going digital in the gaming sector

The nature of the gaming sector has become digital. In the last few years, this call to digitise and innovate has permeated the sector, and will continue to do so in the future

Brick and mortar casinos and sports betting companies found that they need to go digital and rapidly diversify their service offering – and fast – to keep their share of the gaming sector’s consumer base.

Enabling and elevating the gaming industry

“We’ve seen a definite need for our clients to build more customer-centric solutions, to help engage their customers, and to achieve higher conversion rates” explains Dieter Rosch, a BBD executive who works with gaming industry clients.

Regardless of the challenge, BBD we see every opportunity for developing a unique solution as a chance to take our clients’ business functionalities to new heights while levelling up their already sought-after expertise. To date, we have helped clients across a number of verticals in the industry including casino (online and venue), horse racing, lotto and sportsbook (pre-match and live-in-play) and have integrated into many of the major feed providers including BetRadar, SportsRadar and Playtech.

BBD has developed performant striking engines, and advised clients on modernising their platforms, operational systems, and risk engines. From architecting scalable wagering platforms in the cloud to restructuring network designs and database migration, we have worked to accelerate the processes that make the gaming industry more efficient and player centric. “We obviously see cloud as a big enabler in this space,” says Rosch: “we’ve done work previously, whereby we have helped clients move their legacy applications into cloud-based environments which are obviously a lot more dynamic and scale with load, and allow solutions to be built on more modern platforms”.

Our work includes accelerating the processes that improve efficiency and transforming the practices that make gaming more customer and player friendly. This enables the following benefits for our clients:

  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Cloud expertise
  • Infrastructure and solution modernisation
  • Combined technical expertise and industry knowledge
  • Experience delivering to tight deadlines
  • Solutions at speed

Meeting the regulations

While the need to innovate may be a pressing matter for players in the industry, they must still pay heed to legislation and regulations. As one of the most regulated industries, where compliance laws differ between countries and territories, organisations looking for digital solutions should seek out technology partners who have the chops to deliver tech, while understanding compliance. “We understand these compliance processes and requirements in both the local and international markets”. Our clients can get the full suite, from innovation to implementation, while resting assured that necessary compliance regulations are adhered to.

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