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Data-driven solutions to bolster learner outcomes

Data-driven solutions to bolster learner outcomes

The data-driven culture is a non-negotiable for educational organisations to stay on top of their game and drive learner outcomes, as without it, they lag behind

The solutions BBD provide and ongoing support and expert domain knowledge enable technology to function as the backbone of the improvements that these organisations need to achieve data-driven learner outcomes.

BBD cares about developing a successful and skilled workforce, both internally and in our communities. This philosophy carries into the work done in the education sector, where we have delivered custom solutions that help improve educational outcomes for learners.

Revolutionising basic education data  

For one such client BBD provided an innovative data-driven dashboard that helps schools and education officials access near real-time data to enable data-driven decision making. The data collected has grown to be the most comprehensive set of basic education data in South Africa and is invaluable in research being conducted to further improve education. In turn, the insights gained together with the research findings feed back into the solution through continuous enhancements for early detection for interventions.

Ilana Schoeman, an account executive at BBD in the education sector, leads this team where basic education data is collected, aggregated and visualised. “The project has been highly impactful in improving the lives of children, reaching approximately 12 million learners. It has been invaluable in improving education data and empowering education officials with near real-time data that is visualised in a user-friendly way, allowing for early identification of areas that may need intervention,” she says.

Expertise BBD brings to education sectors

  • Flexibility and innovation
  • Education research support at a national level
  • Infrastructure and solution modernisation
  • Combined technical expertise and industry knowledge
  • Experience delivering to tight deadlines
  • Solutions at speed

In our work across education sectors, we have used technological experience, domain expertise and passion for developing a successful and skilled workforce to implement solutions that help improve educational outcomes. If your organisation is looking for a global technical partner with data expertise to make your data work for you, get in touch with us.

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