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Choosing the right software partner

Choosing the right software partner

It’s no secret that the technology landscape is highly complex and packed with individual microcosms of understanding.

Navigating this as a business user or decision maker becomes tricky as you balance the pros and cons of custom software solutions against each provider’s business understanding, technical skillset and inherent cultural and approach compatibility.   

Add to that the complexities of your digital transformation goals, cloud technologies, microservices, SaaS, IaC, automation, APIs and every other important buzzword… and you’re left a little unsure of which company to choose, and why.

For BBD, a software development forerunner who’s been in the business of delivering for over 36 years, we believe it all comes down to one question that you need to ask yourself before any other: 

Do we want a software partner who works with us to identify, define and deliver the business value we need?

If you’ve answered yes, then BBD may be the right choice in a software development partner for your business.

Why BBD?

  • Because we have deep business domain knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries
  • Our technical skills are unrivalled
  • We’re flexible and agnostic
  • We take pride in delivering solutions that fill gaps, unite existing systems and solve problems with a tailored approach
  • And because we’re brave and bold and dedicated to delighting you

Depth of business domain knowledge

That old saying about being a jack of all trades but master of none doesn’t apply when you’ve been actively involved in developing innovative digital solutions into various sectors for as long as we have. Because of this, we’ve built a vast library of understanding for each business domain. Our overarching agile approach and emphasis on knowledge sharing within the company enables us to effectively use this information while adding to it as each sector advances.

The benefit for our clients is that we approach each task with an acknowledgement of the industry’s past and an understanding of how to use technology to move it forward. Paired with our depth of knowledge, this gives us the ability to help our clients stand out while they satisfy their customers and achieve transformation goals.

Unrivalled technical skills

BBD proudly employs and develops the best people who pass challenging technical assessments before joining our teams. This gives us a solid foundation of skills across the business which is then translated into each project we tackle. We also have a culture of supported continuous learning where our people own their careers and consistently work towards new certifications and qualifications, all while playing with tech.

With the tech realm permanently in a state of growth and adaption, the only way truly passionate people can stay at the top of their game is to keep their willingness to try different things and learn new skills. BBDers do this – if we’re not 100% familiar with the rare and specific technology used in your organisation, we will upskill in it so that we can get the best out of your existing landscape.

Flexible and agnostic

Imagine that you want to add a new room to your house and have a picture in mind of how you’d like it to look and feel. You hire the best architect but they simply will not buy into your vision. It’s their way or the highway and you don’t speak “architecture”, so you find yourself unable to communicate effectively.

That’s not what it’s like partnering with BBD. As a tech-agnostic company we have no pre-formed ideas about what the best option is for you. Rather, we take each client organisation and adapt our approach to what will work best for their existing technology landscape and digital goals. We assess each option and devise a plan to deliver this on time and on budget. We pull the right team together from BBDers across South Africa, India, the UK and Netherlands, and then work together in integrated teams to ensure that at the end of the project, your “tech house” makes sense, gives you the functionality you need and meets your strategic goals.  

Delivering systems that add true value to your business and customers

We could wax lyrical on the successful projects BBD has delivered. We could bore you to death with the amount of technical knowledge sitting in our library. We could wow you with our innovative frameworks like our ones for business automation and Basel calculations. But ultimately, you don’t need a spiel, you need confidence that the software partner you choose will deliver.

This is our commitment to every client.

With tenacity and grit rooted in everything we do, BBD strives to utilise our broad skill foundation, critical thinking, risk aversion and passionate development, analysis and testing teams to produce software that works. Whether it be an entire custom-built enterprise system, the missing link that pulls your disparate legacy systems together or that one line of code that helps you sleep better at night knowing your environment is secure and bug free.

Brave, bold, innovative digital solutions

Bottom line… We’re an experienced software development company with the flexibility to think like a nimble start-up and deliver original, bold solutions. It’s a special kind of passion and one we’re proud to embody.

If you’re interested in partnering with BBD as your software development partner and would like to learn more about the various digital solutions we have delivered, read our case studies here.

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