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Banking for kids

Banking for kids

This idea matured, grew some animated characters and ended up in my lap about one year ago. It was at this point that my team and I feverishly started this chaotic journey to deliver the Kids Banking application in record time. Needless to say the timelines never worked out, but what we have after a year is something to be very proud of. “A career highlight” as some people in my team have put it and it’s extremely satisfying for me to have lead one of the most strategic projects in the bank.

The app, which is available for Android, smartphones and tablets as well as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, is meant to help parents educate their children about earning, saving and spending money. An example of this is the Leopard character which encourages kids to complete “missions” or chores assigned by parents, such as tidying their rooms or watering the plants in order to earn money. Parents can teach children to earn money by paying money into the app when allocated tasks are completed.

From a marketing perspective, it’s all about brand affinity from a young age, which will be a massive win for them if Standard Bank is known as an organization that is able to provide value to this banking segment.

Thank you to all the BBD staff who were in the team to help on this incredible journey to deliver a first of its kind app in SA.

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