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Supporting modernisation with accelerated digital solutions

Supporting modernisation with accelerated digital solutions

To address the need for modernisation, BBD has developed various solutions that can be utilised across various sectors 

Having worked on many complex modernisation initiatives across the financial services, insurance and public sectors, Andre de Witt, Group Executive and member of the strategic leadership team at BBD, has noticed a trend in customers demanding more intuitive and proactive services

To address this need for intuitive services and modernisation, he and the BBD team have developed various solutions that can be utilised across the various sectors – speeding up development and ensuring scalable and flexible software solutions that solve IT challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Drawing on highly skilled software architects, engineers, testers and analysts, and utilising proven methods, we have developed accelerators that work across any business to rapidly deploy solutions. One such accelerators is Vanguard, a flexible solution that optimises processes through business orchestration and automation.

BBD has a verifiable track record solving complex problems and delivering enterprise business solutions, offering a range of services that work for any business.

“Customers almost require us to anticipate their needs before they even articulate them. In fact, sometimes customers may ask for one thing, without realising that they really need another. There’s also a move to a more digital- / application-first approach and omnichannel experience where automation and self-service comes into play to reduce the need for human interactive call centres or branches” explains De Witt; “Thus, we’re seeing a drive to design and build intuitive processes and applications where users are able to use self-services”.

Because many organisations still have various disparate, silo-based back-end or core services, it’s difficult to meet these everchanging customer services demands. Based on our experience in solving complex integration challenges and implementing service capabilities, these accelerators have been developed to fast-track the delivery of solutions tailored around clients’ specific needs.

BBD’s accelerators for modernisation


Meeting the need to quickly integrate disparate systems, save costs and can scale as required, Vanguard brings workflow, case management and orchestration capabilities through specific design patterns and modern tech approaches. Vanguard enables the enhancement and advancement of existing systems, filling technological gaps and synchronising operations with this flexible, custom-built enterprise solution. Vanguard is powered using a containerised, microservices architecture that is cloud ready and built on open standards.


To streamline your SDLC lifecycle and provide continuous delivery and integration with higher software quality, BBD often recommends shifting towards DevOps for fast, reliable and sustainable delivery. Bringing deep experience in this space, the team rapidly implements DevOps practices within your environment and your teams – bringing consistent improvements in maintaining software quality, scale and predictability, reducing the cost of designing, testing, writing and deploying software, and satisfying customer requirements timeously.

Digital health assessments

BBD mobilises highly skilled specialist to assess your current environments and technology stack, drawing on the company’s almost four decades’ experience, providing you with detailed diagnostic reports and architectural guidance to further improve your IT operations. In this way, systems are improved and enhanced, and overall customer experiences are boosted.

Distressed project solutions

Leveraging insights and experience from their highly skilled teams who thrive in high-pressure environments and have a proven track-record stepping saving distressed projects, BBD can step in to assist you in righting distressed projects – getting them back on track and working in your environment, no matter the tech stack or infrastructure.

Distributed development

BBD’s distributed development model brings your business the best talent from around the world. BBD’s international teams work together to consistently deliver timeous, cost-effective solutions across multiple geo-locations.

The deep technical expertise and various solutions for a variety of sectors offered by BBD help to fast track an organisation’s development, while ensuring scalable software solutions that solve IT challenges in a timeous and cost-efficient manner.

If you’re interested in accelerating your systems, reach out to us. And for more information on our accelerators and Vanguard, click here.

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