Shaping a community

Community engagement

Technology can improve lives, move things forward and solve important problems

As technology experts with over 36 years’ industry experience, we believe in giving back to the technology sector that we feel so passionately about.

Our experience across the education, financial services, gaming, insurance, telecoms and public sectors means we are in a position to make a meaningful contribution to the tech industry.

So we create spaces for conversation, learning and discovery – through hosted meetups, industry event sponsorship, knowledge-sharing sessions, and tech talks. We learn from one another, from industry leaders and from our mentors – and share what we know with others. We believe knowledge is a precious resource that can only be multiplied by sharing it.

To address the shortage of skilled female coders, we also offer a learnership in partnership with Umuzi that focuses on supporting un- and under-employed young women to become junior full-stack engineers.

Current social economic initiatives

At BBD, we’re passionate about what we do and believe in leveraging our unique positioning within the industry to contribute to cultivating a thriving and inclusive technology sector through donations and initiatives that promote social development.

With the knowledge that technology can empower individuals and create meaningful change within the broader community, we strive to play our part in closing the digital divide by equipping people at all levels of society with the technology and skills needed to thrive in a digital world.

Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun is a non-profit organisation created with the goal of developing and uplifting young people in under-privileged communities in South Africa. BBD is proud to contribute toward Afrika Tikkun’s skills development programme on end user computing and coding for out of school youth.

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Baitiredi High School

Baitiredi is a technical and commercial secondary school based in Kuruman in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. As one of the biggest schools in the district, it educates over 1 000 learners in subjects such as Mechanical Technology, Civil Technology and Technical Science. BBD is proud to have donated a computer lab to expand the school’s educational offering.

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Girls & Boys Town

Girls & Boys Town is a non-profit organisation which seeks to strengthen vulnerable youth through a series of programmes, assisting between 16 000 and 20 000 beneficiaries each year. BBD performs the daily operating and running of Girls & Boys Town’s IT Learner Support Centres.

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Kerus Global

Kerus is a trust focused on providing training to teachers, youth leaders and other community heads to create positive change for individuals and communities in third world countries. BBD has donated a computer lab for school kids in the area to complete homework, tablets for care workers to use during home visits, and projectors and sound equipment for the organisation to host workshops and training seminars.

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ORT SA CAPE Education

ORT SA CAPE works with children and teachers in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. BBD donates to ORT SA’s education programme, which is aimed at equipping educators with the skills and knowledge to introduce robotics within their school environments.

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Surfers not Street Children

Originally founded as a Durban street surf team, today Surfers not Street Children aims to empower children to leave the streets by offering a programme that fuses surfing, mentorship and psychosocial care. In support of this, BBD has equipped the initiative with new computers and training, and spruced up the space with fresh paint and new desks.

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Zanemvula Junior Secondary School

Situated on a green grassy hill overlooking the wild coast, just 25km from the small village of Willowvale in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, Zanemvula School educates just over 190 students. In the hopes of igniting a passion for tech and better opportunities for kids within this small community, BBD has donated a computer lab and stationery for Zanemvula’s learners.

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