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Using Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud 12 framework to deliver digital solutions into the UK public sector

Using Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud 12 framework to deliver digital solutions into the UK public sector

Following the establishment of their UK hub in 2019, we are proud to have been selected as a provider for the Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Marketplace, specifically to provide managed cloud services under the G-Cloud 12 framework.

With 36+ years’ experience in providing technical and business solutions devised with client needs in mind, we have ensured the effective application of technology across various sectors. These solutions have resulted in business modernisation and transformation, improved delivery, streamlined outputs, optimised systems and maximum value add both within the business environments themselves, and for clients’ respective customer bases.

All suppliers on the CCS platform are checked against stringent terms and conditions, ensuring public and third sector organisations have complete peace of mind and confidence in their chosen suppliers, whether these be SMEs or established enterprises. By providing access to a network of government-accredited suppliers and collaborating on the development of commercial solutions, CCS helps organisations procure services that meet their needs while saving time and providing value for money.

BBD on the CCS Digital Marketplace

Our G-Cloud accreditation on the platform demonstrates the reliability and efficiency of our digital solutions in accordance with UK government standards, and a commitment to seamlessly deliver value to clients.

With an understanding of cloud technologies, we are experienced in developing cloud agnostic strategies and implementations. These enable you to rehost, migrate or rearchitect your environment for ultimate business flexibility and adaptability using highly available, scalable and elastic solutions. Our certified professionals are committed to finding a reliable and secure solution for your environment – no matter the platform. Our managed cloud services offering, MServ, can help by overseeing your cloud security, cost optimisation, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, monitoring and reporting, recovery testing and more.

BBD’s cloud enablement services include:

  • Migration / rehosting
  • Replatforming
  • Rearchitecting
  • IaaS, SaaS and PaaS architecting

Offering cloud-agnostic solutions into the public sector space through the G-Cloud 12 platform, BBD’s managed cloud services provide specialised, customisable and scalable solutions for cloud transformation, migration, platform modernisation, automation and large-scale integration projects.

As a Microsoft Azure Gold Certified Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Well-Architected and CloudFront Global Content Delivery Network capabilities, we remain at the forefront of cloud innovations, consistently applying best practice approaches and creating bespoke architectures that best suit the needs of each client’s business environment. These expertise, coupled with innovative accelerators and implementation toolkits, allow us to save both time and cost in a consistent and efficient manner for our clients.

Our cloud support services on the G-Cloud 12 framework

  • Cloud adoption planning

BBD assists in developing an ideal adoption plan for your cloud transformation strategy. Looking at existing architecture and problem statements, they create a roadmap and implementation plan for innovative architecture, cloud adoption and containerisation for all providers: AWS, Azure, Google

  • Managed AWS Services

Internal IT departments often struggle to effectively monitor and maintain cloud environments. BBD, as a managed AWS cloud service provider, can help by overseeing your cloud security, cost optimisation, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, monitoring and reporting, recovery testing and more. We deliver cost saving business value

  • Seamless Kubernetes cloud solutions (containerised microservices deployment)

BBD brings a set of in-house accelerators and innovative architectures that rapidly enable microservice deployment on containerised platforms. These accelerators are custom-built to run and leverage Kubernetes, Docker and streaming. We provide DevOps support for containerisation services on Azure (Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Instances) and AWS (ECS, EKS)

  • Cloud strategy formulation

BBD creates innovative cloud transformation plans that help your organisation advance. This includes connecting business goals to enabling technologies; identifying key measures; prioritising your cloud initiatives; adoption planning; migration strategy and database optimisation; and partnering with your in-house teams. Our SRE skills create scalable, highly reliable software systems

  • Core platform modernisation

To deliver a personalised and consistent experience for your clients, we bridge the gaps between legacy infrastructure and the cloud. We use a cost-effective approach to transformation alongside a proven set of accelerators that gets you to market faster. Serverless architectures / containers provide task-driven, scalable solutions including event driven architecture across the entire organisation

With an appetite for providing the most effective digital solutions into the UK public sector, we are primed with in-depth technical and business domain knowledge that informs and underpins each solution, meaning the proactive application of the most befitting technologies and skills to solve real world problems and drive improved service delivery. To find out more about our experience and service offering on both the G-Cloud 12 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists Frameworks, visit www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/supplier/714272.

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