Cloud enablement

Scalable cloud-enabled solutions

Scalable cloud-enabled solutions

Congratulations to the BBD TurfSport team comprising Dylan, Gavin, Rudolf, Sandile and Werner — whose new system received regulatory certification and sign off on the 5 Mar from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and went live on the 6 Mar. Thank you to Dieter for kicking off the project and ensuring it ran smoothly and Ricardo for his assistance and expertise in Kubernetes and CI/CD.

A provider of wagering software solutions, TurfSport has been supporting the sport betting industry for the last 20 years, with a function rich and capable platform. TurfSport first approached us in late 2015 to assist them in designing a new generation cloud-based system. They needed to be able to respond quicker to market needs through a cloud enabled, reliable and performant betting platform — capable of allowing TurfSport to centrally manage clients and assist them to be more innovative and adapt to change.

Open-source technologies were used for this project to keep licence costs down. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen as the preferred development platform, no Amazon specific technologies were used so as not to lock in a specific vendor.

Our solution stack comprised Kubernetes for Docker container management, Postgres for relational data storage, Redis for caching, NoSQL data and Elastic Search for searching and Angular and Bootstrap for the front-end. The back-end was a microservices architecture using DropWizard and Java 8. A full CI/CD stack leveraging BitBucket, Jira, TeamCity and SonarQube was used to drive development. BBD stalwarts will also be happy to know that we are (still) using AnyDB for the database layer.

TurfSport has been supportive of all BBD’s design decisions. With a strong and capable BBD team, this was an exciting project, which delivered one of our first fully cloud-native projects on the public cloud.

What’s next? We’re ready!