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Like cookies and milk, BBD and DevOps just make sense

Like cookies and milk, BBD and DevOps just make sense

With extensive DevOps experience BBD understands what it takes to optimise each stage of the development lifecycle to accelerate your time to market

DevOps is a culture, a way of delivering that helps companies and development teams deploy and evolve their applications and services at a high velocity. Adopting DevOps leads to continuous release and deployment cycles, improved interoperability among teams, faster development cycles, improved customer experiences and often an increased productivity as a result of streamlined business processes.

With extensive experience not only assisting our clients adopt a DevOps culture, but also in delivering DevOps solutions on the AWS cloud, we understand what it takes to optimise each stage of the development lifecycle using strong CI/CD pipelines to accelerate your time to market.

DevOps and CI/CD

DevOps and CI/CD go hand-in-hand because it’s a solution to the issues integrating new code can cause for development and operations teams – a way to escape “integration hell”. CI/CD introduces automation and ongoing monitoring, creating a streamlined movement of all new features through to production. Find out more on the tried and trusted tools we use to make CI/CD a reality.


With security a top focus for organisations globally, the practice of DevSecOps is a way to seamlessly integrate security into DevOps processes and tools. It allows for improved, proactive security, accelerated vulnerability patching, repeatable and adaptive security processes and automation in modern development. Find out more about DevSecOps.

DevOps and the cloud

One further effective avenue for how DevOps can benefit your organisation is with how easily it couples with cloud computing to further assist businesses meet their technological goals. As an AWS Advanced Services Partner with various technical validations, we deeply understand the benefits cloud can offer when harnessed. Part of ensuring the success of any cloud environment is to utilise the tools to monitor, analyse and report on the availability and performances of your websites, servers, applications and other infrastructure. Read more about our best practices and tools for cloud monitoring within a DevOps world.

A trusted partner

Trusted as a software development partner for almost four decades, BBD has successfully delivered numerous DevOps and cloud-related implementations and projects for clients throughout a myriad of sectors. Dive into one such implementation here. This extensive knowledge together with our highly talented and certified teams means that you can trust us to understand your business and then advise and deliver what is best suited to your setup. If you’re interested in adopting DevOps within your organisation, or would like to make the move to the cloud – reach out to us.  

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