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BBD – The best partner for harnessing the full value of AWS Cloud

BBD – The best partner for harnessing the full value of AWS Cloud

BBD delivers end-to-end software solutions that help organisations meet their key business objectives. These services include turnkey digital enablement, software engineering, managed services, as well as automation, integration, and UX/UI offerings. BBD has a strong reputation and extensive track record of delivering ICT solutions for clients across the globe,  delivering tangible benefits to their businesses.

By offering such an extensive range of services, BBD is well-equipped to help your business throughout its digital transformation journey.

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The BBD approach

Key to BBD’s success is the belief that your business always comes first. In line with this approach, BBD ensures that the IT infrastructure, software and services they deliver are always chosen based on your specific needs, goals, and processes.

BBD’s journey begins with understanding your business, its needs, and its existing operations. This understanding paves the way for strategic technology recommendations and implementations, which involves the right technologies and services to improve your existing operations and develop the new functionality you need.

Embracing the cloud

An area where the industry is seeing tremendous growth is the cloud.

AWS is a key player in many of BBD’s clients’ success stories in part due to its large range of products and services, coupled with BBD’s internal expertise and team of certified professionals. As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, along with several other AWS competencies and designations, BBD is well-positioned to help you maximise the value of AWS – no matter your business’ size, industry, or unique needs. Some of BBD’s key success stories include the below.

Decoupling and replicating a monolith application

An international company providing retirement and financial services in 11 countries needed BBD to help it decouple its monolith application.

In this scenario, the business was shifting its organisational structure, which required that certain parts of the original application be available and operational daily, but kept separate from the primary application.

Such a specific requirement was no problem for BBD, who helped the business architect a new serverless AWS environment operating exclusively as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Data-as-Code (DaC), using AWS serverless services including AWS Lambda, AWS Athena, AWS Glue and AWS CloudFormation, among others.

Because of their intricate knowledge of a wide range of AWS technologies, BBD was able to develop and implement this serverless AWS environment while minimising the operational overhead of the client.

AWS Cloud migration to facilitate pharmaceutical logistics in Africa

Another example of BBD’s adaptability to client needs involved helping a health services company migrate to AWS as part of its cloud migration process.

What made this project interesting was that the company primarily uses cellular devices to coordinate its 24/7 pharmaceutical logistics offering – even across borders.

This meant that the solution BBD delivered needed to be fault-tolerant and highly available – and also had to develop a mobile application to track end-to-end delivery of medical packages.

All of this was delivered seamlessly as a result of BBD’s ability to pick and adapt the AWS services needed by the client in order for them to deliver the best experience to their end users.

Working with the right partner

What these case studies make clear is that every business case is different, and it is crucial that your AWS partner has the skills, experience and passion to innovate and build custom solutions that suit your organisation’s unique needs.

BBD boasts extensive capabilities that enable them to seamlessly migrate systems, as well as modernise legacy applications to function more efficiently on the AWS Cloud. Additionally, BBD’s knowledge of AWS tools, frameworks, and services enables them to deliver microservices, containers, and serverless computing at scale.

BBD also offers a wide range of added value to our clients – including free and paid cloud assessments – that will help your organisation prepare for its migration and modernisation journeys.

Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

The Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) assessment is a key cloud roadmap which BBD offers free to help accelerate migrations and modernisations.

MAP is a robust cloud migration program developed based on AWS’ extensive experience in migrating enterprise customers to the cloud. Leveraging this, as well as a migration services competency, BBD can help modernise and migrate applications to the cloud, seamlessly and at speed.

Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

BBD’s free Optimising and Licensing Assessment (OLA) is designed to empower clients by assessing and optimising their on-premises and cloud environments. Through this assessment, you can optimise your compute resources and cost, reduce licensing requirements and make informed decisions about your AWS journey.

Well-Architected Review (WAR) Assessment

BBD’s free WAR Assessments ensure your AWS Cloud environment is running within the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s six core pillars:

  • Operational excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Cost optimisation
  • Sustainability

As a Well-Architected partner, BBD follows a framework-first approach to delivery, embedding best-of-breed practices in their cloud solutions to ensure that they always meet the highest level of reliability.

Cloud Health Check

BBD’s comprehensive cloud health check leverages AWS’ Well-Architected Framework, as well as BBD’s specialist R&D team’s vast experience, to provide a holistic perspective on your cloud landscape.

This paid offering goes beyond the WAR Assessment by covering areas like code quality, development and engineering practices, architectural recommendations, and assessments of external components that are not considered in a standard WAR.

Proof of Concept (POC)

BBD’s POC offering provides a risk-free way to assess how your business will benefit from specific AWS Cloud solutions and tools.

This paid service also lets you test new functions before embracing their full-scale adoption – turning visionary ideas into tangible results in a controlled setting.

Choose BBD

BBD is the partner for all your cloud needs, thanks to its valuable assessments and range of solutions allowing for effective AWS Cloud implementation.

Through its partnership with leading First Distribution, BBD is well-positioned to deliver AWS Cloud functionality.

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