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Amazon CloudFront services

Amazon CloudFront services

Today we announced that we have achieved Standard Consulting Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). Additionally, we are now able to provide services through the Amazon CloudFront global content delivery network (CDN).

Dieter Rosch, executive and cloud champion at BBD, explains how Amazon CloudFront provides developers and system administrators with a collective way to model and provision a collection of related AWS services.
“As a passionate proponent for cloud services, BBD is invested in finding the best solutions for our clients. Becoming a part of the AWS Partner Network helps BBD achieve this goal,” he says.

Amazon CloudFront is a global CDN that enables secure delivery of data, applications, APIs and videos with high transfer speeds and low latency. As a recognised partner in the APN for Amazon CloudFront services, BBD has been externally vetted as a provider of IT solutions from AWS.

Rosch describes how its consulting partner status enables BBD to design, build, migrate and manage an enterprise in the cloud. “Amazon CloudFront allows for content to be delivered much faster, with BBD able to architect solutions that take advantage of this. We are very excited to now be able to partner with our clients to seize the opportunities the local edge location brings.”

Amazon CloudFront will open up a host of new capabilities for South African and African businesses to leverage the power and scale of the cloud in a seamless and cost-effective manner, especially through value-adding capabilities such as AWS Lambda@Edge and RTMP Distributions.

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