Developing specialised broker management platforms

A start-up company looking to disrupt the UK insurance industry wanted to create a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering and reached out to an offshore software company to create a specialised broker platform. When the software service provider failed to deliver, the InsureTech company turned to BBD, who came highly recommended as a company that delivers, with a reputation as a distressed project solution specialist.



  • Design, develop and implement a minimum viable product (MVP) for the UK broker market
  • Deliver the distressed project solution quickly, yet still create a great customer experience
  • Ensure the platform is scalable, to facilitate hosting thousands of concurrent users
  • Complete the initial offering within six months



  • The SaaS solution is a revolutionary multi-tenant, scalable platform
  • Policies, quotes and complaints are managed by a built-in CRM system
  • Brokers have access to a task management and workflow system
  • Automated claims processing
  • Automated ledgers through an integrated accounting system

Overview of the solution


Our client had approached the UK broker market to assess exactly what they wanted and needed from a broker platform, and these requirements were incorporated into the solution. BBD analysts conceptualised the technical specs, designed requirements and implemented the solution, which went live within the six-month deadline.

Anyone looking for an insurer can access the broker platform, fill in their personal information and requirements and utilising this data, the system automatically generates quotations from the different insurance providers. The individual looking for insurance can then easily compare the different quotes and automatically complete the process with their insurance provider of choice.

The specialised broker management platform has equipped brokers with the tools to become more efficient and digitise many aspects of their daily operations. A key benefit for brokers of the all-in-one platform is the ability to manage their client’s policy and data, client complaints, workflow and accounting systems.

The platform creates a risk profile of the individual requiring insurance, based on the information captured, and sends it to the brokers. Individuals can also update their information on the platform and submit claims at any time, which are automatically processed, thereby streamlining the claims management tasks.



BBD utilised our in-house development accelerators and frameworks to speed up development.

The solution was developed using .NET Stack, C++ for the core application, and Xamarin for the mobile app. To streamline the process, BBD built code generators to automate the process and streamline the solution.

The core app currently has 2 700 screens, of which only 200 screens are handwritten and 2 500 are generated. The same generation tool was reused for the mobile application, which comprises 370 unique screens.

Initially two teams were created to start on the back-end and front-end development respectively, with the teams quickly growing to four: an external API team and a mobile solutions team for iOS and Android development.

A key driver of this project’s success was our collaborative team approach, which drew on development expertise from three different countries. Utilising BBD’s co-shoring model, no matter the geography, all locations are considered part of the same team.

Part of our co-shoring success is using technology to our advantage, relying on instant messaging tools, video conferences and screen sharing throughout the development process. The other aspect to our success is partnering with our clients who by their hands-on involvement and support, streamline the successful delivery of solutions such as this.

Impact of BBD’s partnership


BBD’s trusted partnership with this client has stemmed from our ability to create a commercial product that truly benefits UK brokers and meets all their needs, while adapting and keeping pace with advancements in the insurance industry. This has ensured that our client remains one of the highest rated and fastest growing technology companies.

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