Enhancing regulatory compliance through automation and integration

After 20 years of supporting the sport betting industry with a function rich and capable platform, this client reached a chasm they needed to cross in order to reinforce their presence in the market. The company is a significant player in the betting platform industry and the business value they provide is unsurpassed. Due to an aging system and its inability to respond to change, they were losing market share and had to review their options for the future to ensure their sustainability



  • Meet regulatory reporting compliance using automation and integration
  • Implement process controls and data exception management
  • Improve governance and control
  • Quick and easy adoption and implementation of regulatory amendments



  • Improved analysis through enhanced management information
  • Improved data accuracy through data exception functionality
  • End-to-end process control
  • Flexibility through parameterisation
  • Risk and finance reconciliation
  • Capital optimisation

Overview of the solution


Our client identified the need to automate its regulatory reporting process to enhance regulatory compliance and quickly meet the necessary regulatory amendments. BBD was approached to address this requirement using our compliance solution.

BBD’s solution allowed the bank to optimise its regulatory compliance submission processes by enabling business ownership of these processes and of the applied business rules. The solution also provides a generic framework which enables the consumption of input data and the processing of the data according to defined business rules that generate complex structured outputs. This ultimately resulted in the automation of specified reports – ensuring business value and faster reporting for the bank.

BBD provided a platform that enables the following key business deliverables:

  • Transparency
    • The status of the regulatory processes is visible to the user
    • The business rules applied throughout the process are visible to the user
  • Auditability
    • All data and business rule changes are auditable
  • Traceability
    • The results displayed in the specified reports are linked to the underlying data rows



BBD assisted the client in implementing a solution that focused on defining individual building blocks which can then be linked, creating an end-to-end process that meets the needs of each regulatory submission.

Each defined process is managed by an orchestration and automation engine which:

  • Executes the process components based on the process dependency definition
  • Manages the parallel processing of components to enable speed optimisation
  • Visualizes the status of the process execution

We specified, developed and implemented the solution in three months using SQL Server, C#, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), as well as a web-based front-end.

As a result, the bank’s regulatory reporting was transformed in record time.

Impact of BBD’s partnership


BBD’s solution allowed the client to drastically enhance their regulatory reporting processes through transparency, auditability, and traceability. This approach resulted in improved reporting, capital planning and forecasting, in addition to end-to-end process control, increased flexibility and capital optimisation for the client.

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