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Uplifting the community

Uplifting the community

Over the past year, we have realised two very important things about the community: they love learning from each other and they really love pizza!

In 2018, we hosted multiple AWS Jozi, CocoaHeads, Docker JHB, Facebook Dev Circles, Jozi.JS, Jozi-JUG and Kotlin Jozi community meetups, which collectively welcomed 1 513 attendees who chowed down on a whopping 488 pizzas.

The aim of these meetups is to learn from the vast array of knowledge and experience in our community, help build each other’s skills, and make friends with other developers – things we’re very passionate about.

Thank you to everyone in the community who’s been along for the ride!
Keep an eye on the official meetup pages, as well as our social media accounts for more meetups in the new year.

What’s next? We’re ready!