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Proudly supporting the top women in ICT

Proudly supporting the top women in ICT

In an industry that has historically been dominated by men, seeing the skills development gap bridged, and star talent arise as a result, is always a proud moment for BBD and other ICT industry entities. As a key player in the ICT space, we are committed to transforming the landscape by empowering women to make their mark in the industry, through the development and upliftment of their skills. This year’s Standard Bank Top Women Awards nominees are all exemplary examples of the shifting landscape and we are proud to be a sponsor at such an event.

A night studded with all the glitz and glamour befitting powerful and sophisticated women, the 16th annual Standard Bank Top Women Awards was a joyful and celebratory tip-of-the-hat to some of the finest female talent our country has to offer. Platforms like this are important for recognising and commending those who have risen above industry and societal norms and expectations to forge their own destinies in an industry that shapes the way the world functions daily.

BBD CEO, Peter Searle, has the vision to develop the high-value skills of young women, which grow the industry and the local economy. This vision, and BBD’s commitment to supporting women in technology, was solidified through BBD’s sponsorship of the Top Woman in ICT award at the event.

Not only was this an opportunity to honour the top woman in our industry, it was also a chance for us to align with this important shift in the industry and visibly get behind all those spearheading the movement.  

With the keynote address given by Caster Semenya, and a moving and soulful dedication by Yvonne Chaka Chaka to Lifetime Achievement Award winner Mary Twala, the evening was a memorable and festive one. The Top Woman in ICT award was presented by BBD’s very own Patricia and awarded to Veronica Motloutsi from Smart Digital Solutions.

Wholehearted congratulations go out to Veronica and all those nominated; BBD looks forward to seeing the impact each woman makes in the industry and supports every effort made in transforming the landscape and bridging the skills gap, making the ICT industry an accessible and rewarding one for anyone who wishes to be a part of it.

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