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The BBD Mag – November 2023

The BBD Mag – November 2023

Dive into the world of BBD as we share our insights, experiences, cultural trips, teambuildings and all the fun BBDers have been getting up to! 

In our latest edition of The BBD Mag, discover the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence in “Mastering AI as a business analyst” on page 41. Explore how business analysts (BAs) adapt to the ever-expanding influence of AI,  and unpack insights into their critical role and the business implications of mastering its intricacies.

Read about “Delivery-driven success” on page 38 with BBD’s CEO Kevin Staples and Executive Director Matthew Barnard. Explore their impactful collaboration with Standard Bank as they provide a first-hand account of the strategic approaches leading to the bank’s digital transformation success and enhanced customer experiences. 

On page 52, uncover the necessity of cloud computing and learn how companies are revolutionising operations by leveraging cloud technology, unlocking the full potential of data, people and processes. Uncover the transformative power of digital evolution to remain competitive and relevant.

Delve into the intersection of sustainability and technology on page 55! Explore how companies align with ESG principles using the cloud to achieve environmental and economic sustainability. This feature reveals a strategic approach to seamless operations in a changing world.

Kevin Staples also shared his views and experience at BBD’s international tech conference esc@pe 2023, captured in “Performance, scalability, and the ugly stepsister: stability” on page 25. Here you can read all about the keys to achieving a robust tech foundation as he highlights the often-overlooked aspect of stability alongside performance and scalability.

And, embark on an international journey in “BBD expats’ journeys to the Netherlands” on page 105 – inspiring stories of BBDers embracing challenges, culture and opportunities in the Netherlands. This feature adds a human touch to our tech-centric narrative, capturing the essence of personal and professional growth as expatriates share transformative experiences.

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