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Growing global horizons

Growing global horizons

As the world becomes smaller and the technology playing field evens out, the ICT skills and experience we have in South Africa are increasingly recognised as equally relevant around the globe. Our response to these advances is to expand our geographical footprint and enhance our presence as a global software development organisation.

Matthew Barnard, director of BBD UK, explains that our India office has been very successful in helping support local South African teams, and the work we do out of South Africa for a UK client has enabled us to use highly skilled development teams to build world class software systems that are used across the UK, Europe and further afield.

As part of our ongoing drive to entrench our global footprint, we are committed to cultivating BBD in European markets while using all of our locations to deliver innovative solutions and work directly with existing and new clients in the UK and across Europe.

As a highly competitive market, winning business across Europe is not easy. We are utilising their networks to win projects and forge a future in these geographies. Some of these opportunities are already in progress, others in the pipeline.

But we don’t just have their sights set on Europe. International companies see South Africa as the doorstep to the rest of Africa. As such, we are committed to gaining experience in the larger African market and are working in conjunction with our client base to leverage local partnerships in these countries. Most recently, we participated in a request for information for the Ministry of Finance in Ghana.

Interestingly, Africa is also increasingly seen as having very good technology skills and innovators as seen in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, where innovative FinTechs are finding tailored solutions that work for Africa.

Part of our strategy is to encourage this homegrown approach as we do with the various initiatives we’ve been involved in for the past 18 months.

We are also enhancing and diversifying our own technical capabilities in relevant technologies and platforms including cloud-based expertise in AWS, Google and Azure. This not only gives our teams a chance to gain international project experience but enables our drive to act as the software development conduit between companies in this global market.

To achieve this, we need to excel at running international projects with distributed, culturally diverse teams. As South Africans, this is something we’re very familiar with.

Together with the reality of immigration, we see all of this as an opportunity to further develop the company and the incredible people they have working across their connected workforce. It’s why we’re so excited to forge our brand identity globally, and allowing for alumni, current staff and new hires to grow into these new territories with us.

What’s next? We’re ready!