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Best Mobile App in Africa

Best Mobile App in Africa

For the third year in a row the My Vodacom App won Best Mobile App in Africa at the 2017 Digital Impact Awards Africa.

We partnered with Vodacom to develop their My Vodacom App. Norman Van Der Mescht, a BBD executive, explains personalisation is a key consideration in today’s highly competitive mobile market.

“Customers want ease of use and functionality when using a mobile app. Working with Vodacom has enabled BBD to continuously push technology boundaries, to deliver an innovative app that meets the ever-changing needs of their customers.”

One of the key reasons for their success is that Vodacom listens to what their customers have to say across various channels. By taking nothing for granted, Vodacom has been able to continually improve customer experience. The My Vodacom App is very rich in functionality and they managed a good balance between product delivery and commercial focus.

The app is available on both Android and iOS systems, as well as Samsung’s Tizen system. BBD has striven to provide enhanced functionality, ease of use and speed with each new version launch. Van Der Mescht adds that the team releases a new update every 6 weeks – improving the app’s stability, and adding features useful to Vodacom customers.

We have been involved with the My Vodacom App since its launch over five years ago. “As smart phones have advanced, developing apps to meet the customer’s expectations has become more challenging. In partnership with Vodacom, we use an Agile development approach and invest heavily in technology, while making use of modern design patterns to deliver quickly and overcome the challenges in the digital landscape.”

With customisation a strong differentiator for mobile companies, intelligent offerings that allow a customer to access information relevant to their needs and manage their service is a crucial component of the My Vodacom App.

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