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30% Stake in Xpertek Contact

30% Stake in Xpertek Contact

BBD Group today announced we have acquired a 30% equity stake in Xpertek Contact, offering IT services ranging from robotic process automation (RPA) to business intelligence (BI) and location-based marketing.

Gus Pringle, financial director at BBD, believes it’s the entrepreneurial mindset of Xpertek Contact that dovetails with BBD. “Xpertek Contact has demonstrated an ability to aggressively target smaller clients through new technology solutions and BBD is excited to work with them to introduce this capability to our larger enterprise client base.”

This acquisition is part of BBD Group’s strategy to strengthen its position as a leader in South Africa’s ICT sector.

“In addition to RPA, Xpertek Contact’s expertise includes free Wi-Fi solutions combining data value enhancement platforms and an effective capability in the business intelligence, big-data and SQL processing arenas.”

Chris Cochrane, Xpertek Contact managing director explains, “We have grown rapidly over the past three years and partnering with BBD will allow us to bring our robotics and BI expertise to a larger customer base, by leveraging the knowledge within BBD to quickly scale our business to meet the demands of both BBD and our customer bases.”

Xpertek Contact’s RPA ranges from a fully hosted software-as-a-service platform to onsite enterprise grade solutions, ensuring that the benefits of RPA are accessible by any business, of any size. Their RPA specialists have deployed solutions for companies in the telecommunications, document processing, finance and logistics sectors. “Processes we’ve automated include creation of simple periodic reports that were once done manually to complex document recognition, data extraction and storage, all using our hosted UI path RPA platform,” says Cochrane.

According to Pringle, this partnership will enable BBD to grow our own solution effectiveness by leveraging the abilities and skills of Xpertek Contact.

We look forward to a beneficial partnership with the Xpertek Contact management team and its people, as we expand our ability to bring top people together to craft world-class technology solutions for our clients.

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