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2014 Recipe book

2014 Recipe book

Over the past year and a half we have held a Recipe Race Competition, and from that with a whole lot of creative thinking, hard work and fun, we are pleased to announce BBD’s most recent book, our very own Chef de Cuisine.

The book is not only full of your favourite home-spun starter, main and dessert family recipes but also tells a story. 30 years ago BBD was founded by Ralf, Tom and Sandra and our new book starts with a recipe from the last serving BBD founder, our Chairman Ralf Dominick and finishes with recipes from the current Executive Directors. As in BBD’s 30-year history, our book is filled with BBD people and their recipes and photos. It was fun to see cooking from an intricate recipe as an analogy for software development. I’m pretty sure our developers will say they never receive such clear specifications when they are asked to cook up some code, and our BA’s will disagree with the PM’s, understanding that both have a role to play in that best recipe of all…all of the people in BBD.

Thank you to all of you who work so hard every day to keep BBD cooking and to all of you who contributed to the book and of course the team who put it together.

Please enjoy your recipe book with the same passion you show for BBD every day!

In 2012 we started a Recipe Race competition, which encouraged all our staff to submit their favourite home-spun starter, main & dessert family recipes. The competition was a lot of fun and many great prizes were given away to the winners of each course category.

The idea to produce the Chef de Cuisine recipe book came about through the similarities found in the principles applied to software development & cooking intricate recipes. Together we will discover the art of good cooking…good coding!

Thank you to everyone for all your hard work, we really hope you love your recipe book & use it with the passion you show BBD every day!

What’s next? We’re ready!