Excellence. Together

What we're all about

Projects you can be proud of

Let’s be honest – life at BBD is no walk in the park. The deadlines are tough and the projects are challenging. But our teams are completely committed to our vision of quality.

Apart from the incredible knowledge base surrounding you, you’ll be working with state of the art tools of the trade. We believe that pride and passion in what you’re doing is key to producing excellent work on all of your projects. It’s about creatively developing solutions you can be proud of.

Your career in your hands

BBD is a meritocracy. We’re built around the philosophy that each and every employee is given the same opportunity to excel and develop, regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry or at the company. We aim to provide a stimulating environment, and have consistently received high accolades in the Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For survey.

Our leaders understand the complexities involved in the projects we work on, and provide absolute support to our analysts, software engineers and testers.

Your career path is in your hands at BBD, and we want nothing more than to see you succeed.

A culture of learning

Education is a life-long pursuit. We learn from one another, from industry leaders, from our mentors and from the newbs in the company. To us, knowledge is a precious resource that can only be multiplied by sharing it.

Training is a focus for us and we offer every kind we can think of to make sure that you’re best equipped to stay up to date and enthusiastic in what you do. From certifications, to post-grad qualifications. Lunchtime tech talks and industry meetups, there’s no way you won’t find inspiration here.

Why we're awesome

As an international company, our benefits are adjusted for each unique office. Here’s a look at what we offer in South Africa – just one of our global BBD hubs.

  • Personalised Continuous Learning Programme
  • Upskill like a boss
  • Monthly awards for staff recognition
  • Mentoring
  • Tech events galore
  • Socio-economic and enterprise development
  • High-tech tech
  • Annual Bierfest
  • Exciting team building events and lunches
  • Chilled atmosphere
  • Retirement annuity option
  • Financial advisor

  • Free vending machine snacks
  • Cheap and delicious chow
  • Coffee stations with yummy beans and blends
  • Kickass canteens
  • Games room
  • Bar
  • Free eco car wash
  • Gautrain shuttles to and from Joburg office
  • BBD sport kits
  • Free vitamin B12 and flu injections
  • Secure parking
  • Annual wellness days with Vitality health assessments